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  • What is a coach?
    I sit together with you in a completely non-judgmental space and help you find a way to feel better, to do better, and to get the results you want. Together we look at what is working for you, what needs tweaking, and then develop a customized roadmap to put you and your family on the road to success.
  • What can you help me with?
    Parenting kids with ADHD, ODD, DMDD or any other behavioral issues Parenting pre-teens, teens, and young adults Marital stress and breakdown Self-confidence Time and energy management Habit formation Long-term weight management Sleep habits Parenting LGBTQ children Navigating faith journeys And much more
  • How do we meet? What happens during a session?
    We meet exclusively over zoom. Sessions focus on achieving your desired result. You will briefly describe your problem, we will discuss it, and then I will teach you the tools you need to see change. I'm going to tell you the hard truth -- in the most gentle way I can. You may not love it when you first hear it. Your brain may want to resist what I say. Just trust me and walk with me. After all, you're not paying me to tell you what you want to hear. You're paying me to help you change your life. That is exactly what we will do.
  • Will you work with my child?
    I work with teens 13 and older, but only when the teen is fully on board. Coaching someone who doesn't want to be there and doesn't want to change does not work and is a waste of your money and your child's time. A parent must meet with me to discuss concerns and expectations before you can book an appointment for your child.
  • How much do private sessions cost?
    My current rate is $120 per 45 minute session. For most clients, 45 minutes is enough. If you feel like need more time, you can book up to an hour for $160. Sessions are invoiced at the time of booking, and payment by credit card is due by the start of the scheduled session. Many clients prefer to purchase blocks of appointments to avoid having to pay each time. If that is your preference, we can arrange for that on an individual basis.
  • Do you take insurance? Are you covered by employee benefit programs?
    I am a coach, not a therapist or counselor. To my knowledge, there are few, if any, insurance plans that reimburse coaching. Occasionally there are private employers who do reimburse coaching, and some clients are able to pay for weight coaching with FSA or HSA funds. Check with your own tax advisor, insurance plan or employee benefits for more details. If you feel like you may be reimbursed, I can provide an invoice to allow you to file, but I do not file any claims on your behalf, nor do I guarantee that you will be able to be reimbursed through any channel.
  • Will my Bishop pay for my coaching?
    That is a question for your Bishop. I have accepted payments from Bishops on behalf of clients before, but it is definitely something he would need to approve first.
  • How do I get accepted as a client?
    I curate my client roster carefully, and I always refer out clients who would be better served by therapy. You must complete a free consultation with me before purchasing coaching to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. If we both decide a client relationship would be beneficial, you will be able to book additional appointments. Currently my client roster is nearly full, and I am generally booking only clients with availability on Fridays.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This is individual, but most clients meet with me weekly for three months, and then choose to continue bi-weekly or monthly "maintenance" sessions. Many clients find so much success they ask to continue coaching through other related areas, such as weight loss, time management or business. There is never any pressure to purchase additional sessions.
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