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An article came out in Psychology Today saying that coaching can be as effective as therapy. In my experience this is both true and not true.

I have always maintained that coaching and therapy are related but very different practices. I am adamant that my clients know I am not a therapist, and they will not receive therapy from me. Also, I am quick to refer potential clients or existing clients who I believe will be better served by therapy to a qualified provider.

These are usually clients with severe past trauma who need help working through it, clients with significant mental health diagnoses, and clients for whom coaching tools are simply not resonating. Coaching looks forward, not backward, and sometimes clients have some foundational work to do with a therapist before they are ready for coaching.

But, as discussed in the article, for most people, coaching tools can be extremely effective, more available, and less expensive than therapy. Coaching fills a need that therapy isn't able to accommodate.

Years ago, when I couldn't get in to see a therapist, I found a coach. It changed my life. Truly. I can't imagine that therapy could have been any more effective for what I needed. In fact, I would guess that it was more effective because what I really needed was a path forward.

After I certified as a coach and began my business, I assumed that I would be coaching mostly clients who hadn't been to a therapist. But that actually was't true. Roughly 75% of my clients worked with therapists first and felt like they still needed additional help. For these clients, coaching tools are often the answer.

Some of my children have therapists, and they are amazing and worth every penny. I am a therapy fan for sure. But there was a long waiting list to get admitted as a patient, and not one of them takes insurance. I generally pay around $180-$200 per session for my kids to work with them.

Coaching costs vary widely, and some coaches actually charge much more than that. But there are many well-qualified, certified, evidence-based coaches who charge much less. My current rates are roughly half of that cost.

If you need some mental health assistance, but aren't sure you need a therapist, you can't afford a therapist, or you can't get in to see a therapist, find a coach. Most coaches do either free consultations to check for fit and rapport. Coaching very well may be exactly what you need. Schedule a consultation with me.

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